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The Practice of Presence in the Presence of Horses

How is it with your soul?

Are you a busy woman who would welcome a reflective time to explore your inner life?

It is my great joy to offer women a sacred space of peace and hospitality at Circle P Sanctuary for spiritual companionship, growth, and renewal by mindfully connecting with rescued horses in nature!

So why is the outside of a horse good for the inside of a woman?

To say my times at Circle P are transformative is an understatement. - Marie

Horses help humans become more self-aware and spiritually present.

As prey animals and sentient beings, horses are Divinely created for connection. Because they are not living in the past or worried about the future (like we are!), they are highly sensitive to the present moment and deeply in tune with the physical and emotional energy in their environment.

For me, gazing into the eye of the horse is looking into the eye of God. I am looking at the divine presence in us all and it is staring right back at me, asking nothing of me but simply to be. Expecting nothing of me but my authenticity; to put the burden of all my thoughts, feelings, fears, ambitions and distractions down and see who I truly am. This is an invitation to open my heart and be present in this moment.
— Anna Twinney

Their emotional and physical safety in the wild (as well as in their domestication) largely depends on their ability to trust and be in balanced, right relationship with the members of their herd- be it 2 or 20! They experience rich friendships and relationships and have powerfully intuitive inner lives, so when we interact with them consistently and mindfully we become part of their herd and can learn their profound ways of being and knowing in the world!

Horses don't lie and do not hold grudges. They are creatures of process and are not attached to outcomes like we are. They are constantly expressing honest, non-judgmental feedback with one another and create clear, fair boundaries from  moment to moment.

Being in relationship with a horse "..... will show you who you are." - Leslie Desmond  

And scientific studies show that just being in the presence of horses can help you feel a sense of well-being and peace!

The physiological perks and benefits include:

  • Lower heart rate and blood pressure

  • Decreased stress levels

  • The release of oxytocin (the "bonding" hormone)

  • Increased levels of beta-endorphins (pain suppressors)


Presence is simply to have our heart be where our feet are.
— Omid Safi

What happens during a session?

During your Horse-centered Soul Care sessions the horses and I will help you:

  • Be still
  • Create space for another voice to be heard
  • Reconnect with your True Self
  • Deepen your awareness of God in the sacred ordinary of your life

Creative, heart-centered experiences of prayer and meditation, somatic (body) awareness, breath work, and self-awareness and reflection while sharing Holy ground with the horses (non-riding) in the barn, pasture, stall, indoor arena, or round pen will help you "whoa" down, get out of your head and tune into the wisdom in your body!

The Great Affair, the love affair with life, is to live as vigorously as possible, to groom one’s curiosity like a high-spirited thoroughbred, climb aboard, and gallop...
— Diane Ackerman

Experiential and contemplative interactions and activities which include variations of observing, grooming, leading, and just spending time with the horses doing no-thing will center you in the present moment- which is where horses and Spirit live and move and have their being!

Think of your time with a horse as two sentient beings who desire inner peace practicing presence with one another.

You will release what was, receive what is, and return to your daily life renewed in your body, mind, heart and spirit, with deeper insights and the gift of inner peace.

Simple stillness skills will also help you continue to practice your spiritual wellness and mindful awareness of the on-going experience of the presence of God in your life.

To begin your journey of Spiritual Growth and Healing or to inquire about pricing and customization of Group Horse-centered Soul Care, [contact Beckie] for your complementary, no obligation phone chat. I look forward to meeting your voice and answering any questions you may have!